Instrument Requirements (Draft)


Mass (kg)

Power (W)

Data Rate (Mbps)



Frequency on/off


How long is it active or not active?


Serial Number

Web Source

(What Website did you get this from?)

Thermocouple .50 0.054 95 N/A on; for 1 1/2 minutes off for rest of the time 1 1/2 minutes Thermocouple with metal thermowell Type K MB-ISK-S30-S250-MP
Moisture Sensor 0.544311 14.4 159 1 yr. (on battery) on; 30 sec./off for rest of time 30 sec. HOBOnode Soil Moisture - Wireless Sensor - W-SMC 12473-J
Thermal Camera .07 1.2 24 NA on; 4 hours/ off for 4 hours 12 hrs. Thermal-Eye 3600 Series 3000087-0009
Heat Resistant Light strip .32 18 N/A 100+ hrs. on; 4 hours/ off for 4 hours 12 hrs T93007 not shown

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