Team Members Projects Being Worked On Projects Completed MVP
Nicholas Benson
  • Design PyroKnights Polos
  • Check PyroKnights Email
  • Supervise PyroKnights Group
  • Assist Hashon Bellmon
  • Submit to Game Days Athletics for a quote for PyroKnights Polos
Mark Snow
  • Working with Siemen Walker on Tread Design
  • Help Hashon Double Check the Payload Concept Proposal
  • Absent
  • Absent
  • Absent
  • Working with Siemen Walker on Tread Design
  • Scaling down Parts
  • Assisting Montel
  • Assisting Seth
  • Double Check Payload Concept Review Presentation
  • Assist Kade in Scaling Down Parts
  • Calculate Battery Mass
  • Finish Poster
  • Research Materials for Payload
  • Upload a Quick Save of the Poster
  • Upload a Quick Save of the Poster
Montel T.
  • Athena Design
  • Assembling Sensors to Apollo
  • Upload parts to Red Eye on Demand
  • Update the Chart for Pyro with Watts on how much power each instrument uses
Team as a Whole
  • Review Payload Concept Review

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