Members Mark Snow Kade G. Matthew  Seth SWAGGMASTER300 Hashon Jonquiz Hanna Nicholas B. Montel T.
Assignments Completed Concept of Operations Wishlist/Payload Concept Proposal Payload Functions/Payload Concept Proposal Team Slogan/CEA Event Planning/CEA Poster/Payload Status Review Presentation Team Slogan/Payload Specifics/Payload Status Review Presentation/Payload Concept Review Presentation/CEA Event Planning Team Logo/CEA Poster Payload Status Document/Modular Designs/Social Networking Projects/Converting Survey into Online Survey/CEA Event Planning Metal Melter/Instrument Requirements Chart
Current Assignments Part Research/Test Research/Power  Usage Research Blog Tread Design/Double Checklist/Re-work Payload Concept Proposal Solid Edge/Part Design Re-Work Payload Concept Proposal Community Engagement Poster/Popularizing Online Survey/Payload Concept Review Presentation Popularizing Online Survey CEA Design/CEA Flyers

Team Logo/Payload Requirements/Memo

Popularizing Online Survey/CEA Flyer/Model Designs/Presentation Solid Edge/Part Design

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