Hanna's VersionEdit

Dear Principle,

The Pyroknights would like to formally ask if it would be possible for us to do a demonstration that would include ... If so we would take various precautions so that no one is hard. This is all for an educational reason and will help others to comprehend what it is that engineers do. We will be melting various metals to show how they would react on the planet Venus and using dry-ice to show the surface dissipate. This will be done only once with supervision from a teacher.

Jet's VersionEdit

To whom it may concern,

The PyroKnights as a part of Coach Hancock's Engineering Applications class would like to provide a metal melter demonstration for our community engagement activity event. The metal melter is a device that was engineered by the group in order to test the temperature of Venus and its effect on metal.

Please sign the line below giving us permission to use the metal metler device here at Sparkman Highschool for our Community Engagement Activity Event.