• Each row is an alternative design.
Payload Functions
Alternatives Deploy Measure Collect Send Power House
It being stationary From bottom of lander temperature, moisture, and detect what sounds appear. moisture sensor, thermocouple, microphone. wirelessly to lander battery Lander
All one vehicle that explores somehow from the side or where we can move after we land. temperature, sounds, moisture, what is seen on the journey thermocouple, moisture detector, microphone, and camera. wirelessly to balloon or orbiter alternater and battery Lander
plane like design to fly through the air midway from the the average cloud hieght to land moisture in air and what the surface looks like. camera and moisture sensor wireless to orbiter Solar power Balloon
floats as stationary as possible as wind takes it as it's current shall take it Into the air along the way temperature, moisture in air, and pictures of land thermocouple, moisture sensor, and camera wireless to Balloon Solar power Balloon
float in orbit from the orbiter into orbit pictures of the heat of Venus, pictures of how Venus looks, temperature,and possibility of water. thermal camera, camera, moisture sensor (for when on the side of the planet that is where said water is leaving the atmosphere) wireless to orbiter Solar power Orbiter
Tunneling underground From bottom of lander then drilling into ground temperature, moisture in ground thermocouple and moisture sensor drills back up to surface to send wireless data to orbiter some kind of battery Lander