Science Traceability Matrix (Draft)
Science Objective Measurement Objective Measurement Requirements (Location, Duration, Position, etc) Instrument
Soil Analysis Soil Temperature Near Equator/

1 1/2 minutes

Soil Analysis Terrain Mapping Near Equator/ Thermal Camera
Soil Analysis Soil Moisture Near Equator/

30 seconds

Moisture Sensor
Soil Analysis

Soil Images

Near Equator/

1 minute

Soil Analysis Picture clarity

Near Equator/

one day

Heat Resistant Light

  • Science Objective:

What is your overall science objective (goal) in very general terms?

  • Measurement Objective:

The "What".....What are you actually measuring?

  • Measurement Requirements:

When and Where will you begin taking measurements?

  • Instrument:

The "How"....How will you measure the things you have listed under Measurement.

Instrument Requirements (Draft)



Power (W) Data Rate (Mbps) Lifetime Frequency on/off


How long is it active or deactive?

Thermal Camera
Moisture Sensor
Heat Resistant Light

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