• Artic heat

    ConOps Checklist

    IMPORTANT:  With all questions, be able to answer:  Why?

    Initial Conditions

    1.      What vehicle are you on?  Lander, because all of our information collecting will be on the ground with soil analysis.

    2.      What are the initial conditions? 462 degrees Celsius and 90 atmospheres

    a.       If on the orbiter, what is your orbital velocity?  Do you deorbit?  N/A

    b.      If on the balloon, is the balloon moving? N/A

    c.       If on the lander, do you deploy during descent or after landing?  If during descent, what is your initial velocity? We will deploy after landing to reduce the impact.


    1.      How do you deploy?  Describe. We deploy out of the robot by hovering to the surface.

    a.       What do you use to propel you? We will use …

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