• Mole Finder
  • It would act as a subsurface explorer that would take moisture and temperature readings to determine if liquid ground water was under the surface of Venus and if life could exist under Venus's surface.
  • It would have two cameras, one normal, and one thermal for filming underground.

Final Idea

Science Traceability Matrix (Draft)
Science Objective Measurement Objective Measurement Requirements (Location, Duration, Position, etc) Instrument
Soil Analysis Soil Temperature Near Equator/

1 1/2 minutes

Soil Analysis Terrain Mapping Near Equator

One Week

Thermal Camera
Soil Analysis Soil Moisture Near Equator

30 seconds

Moisture Sensor
Soil Analysis

Soil Images

Near Equator

1 minute

Soil Analysis Picture clarity

Near Equator

One Week

Heat Resistant Light

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